5 Proven Ways to Increase Your Web Site Traffic Organically

Organic Traffic Generation is the toughest task for any website owner or Blogger. The pre-conceived notion that organic traffic is the hardest to achieve triggers newbie bloggers to invest in expensive, time-consuming, complex methods for improving blog outreach.

But the truth remains the same, that Google places quality content above all else and the simplest way to see a natural increase in views is to create valuable, genuine content for your website.

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Organic Traffic is the ultimate and most powerful traffic any website can get. It is sustainable compared to any kind of paid traffic. In this post we are discussing 5 proven best ways to increase traffic for your website organically :

1.Use the Power of Social Media

social media trafficIf your website has an active social presence, you won’t need to rely only on SEO or advanced digital marketing techniques. A strong Social Media presence is not only highly essential in the present environment but a large determinant in the success and growth of a website or business.

A humanized social outreach attracts organic traffic like moths to a flame. The greatest advantage of using social media is to boost organic traffic. You can religiously follow the feedback obtained from your followers to improve your website’s performance.

2. Pitch your Content for Republishing

republish contentRepublished Content will get you twice the number of audiences than you normally would. Since popular blogs with a massive outreach share quality content, you can utilize the opportunity to get your website or Blog on a bigger platform with less effort.

Large republishing platforms have guidelines that you need to follow. Tailor your content and place a strong pitch they can’t resist.

Republishing is a modern, smart way of getting your content shared widely without SEO or digital marketing. Don’t forget to add suitable backlinks to your republished content to exponentially increase your website’s organic traffic.

3. Don’t neglect On-Page SEO

seoHigh Ranking Websites that derive most of their traffic organically have neat SEO optimization including relevant alt text, optimized links, and uncluttered layout. Its important not to disregard on-page SEO meta descriptions, internal links, etc. On-Page SEO is vital for search engines to properly crawl your website thus making it visible for your target audience.

On-Page SEO is easily and quickly done as you add content and doesn’t involve complex techniques that require extensive technical knowledge. On Page SEO also includes increasing webpage load time to less than 2-3 seconds. Maintain a reasonable word count for all your posts and use appropriate keywords to create an efficient on-page SEO strategy for your website.

4. Swear by Long-Tail Keywords

long tail keywordsFor new websites, competing to rank for broad phrases with high search volume is not feasible. Being as precise as possible with your web content is essential amidst intense competition for web rankings.

Long Tail Keywords are your best bet for targeting specific user searches. Long-Tail Keywords will ensure that your website is seen by your target customer base, so you don’t have to fight among the giants who have already claimed broad keyword phrases.

The longer and more specific your target keywords are, the higher your chances are of attracting organic traffic.

5. Create an effective Content Strategy

Content Strategy timeline, business concept

The greatest traffic boosting tactics will be ineffective unless you have high-quality, relevant, useful, and engaging content.

Provide something valuable for your website visitors. The best way to obtain sustainable organic traffic is to help visitors in some way and make them stay by offering something they can’t resist.

Instead of wasting precious time and resources in building back links and advertising heavily, invest in building a strong content strategy that will automatically attract visitors.

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