3 Current Web Design Trends You Must Know – PKSHOPS

3 Current Web Design Trends You Must Know – PKSHOPS

This year, three web trends have taken on some major popularity.  The main reason why there are trends on the web is to advance the web. As we go further into the future, we are constantly advancing to a higher and higher level. The best part about the internet is that it can only go forward when it comes to design.

There are 3 hot web trends that every web designer and company needs to check out!

1-One Page Web Design.

The one-page web design is a new style of design. Unlike the multi-page, the one-page design goes from top to bottom. The one-page web design navigates within its page instead of navigating to separate lines. This design has changed the way that the average user looks at a website. A vertical type of perspective is presented in the one-page design.

What difficulties does the one page design propose?
The one-page design presents some SEO flaws. Since the one-page design includes the home, about, services and contact page all in 1 page, this prevents the web designer from tagging each of these pages with their own individual meta tags since they are all on 1 page. This is one of the greatest SEO flaws of the one-page web design. With the most important site pages included all on 1 page of the design, this also prevents the website owner from sharing any of these pages separately on social accounts. To conclude, the main difficulty with the 1-page design is this small SEO flaw discussed above.

What is the main advantage of the one-page web design?
The one-page design is the most mobile friendly web design available. If a designer could sketch out what the perfect mobile design would be, it would be a vertical design like the 1-page design. This design also presents a great company showcase since everything is included all in one page.

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2-Video Backgrounds.

Video backgrounds are the latest trend in web design. Videos present a ‘live’ kind of energy on the web page. A regular video is proven to draw a web visitor to stay longer on the page out of pure curiosity.

What is the main disadvantage of the video background?
Video backgrounds may look great for a first time visitor but if a visitor returns many times on a website, the same video may be too familiar and not as interesting as it was the first time.

What is the main benefit of having a video background?
When a web visitor searches google and lands on the page, the first thing that they look for is relevancy. They search the web to find some kind of answer and a website is suppose to give a clear message. A video message can present a clear message to a web visitor in seconds.

3-Vibrant Colours.

Vibrant colors are steaming up the web. A vibrant color has better color shade than a regular color. More and more website are changing their color schemes by increasing color vibrancy.

What are not considered vibrant colors?
Bright colors are not considered vibrant colors as they produce more irritation to the eye than anything else.

How to make a color scheme with vibrant color choices?
The best way to create a great vibrant color scheme is to select 3 vibrant color choices. Every color should match the domain personality. For example, green for health, blue for trust, yellow for the child like energy, and brown for warmth.

If we missed some hot trends about web design, share them in the comments below, or if you are interested in writing for us, contact us.