How to Become a Successful SEO Specialist ? Complete Guide

Before we go in the details of how to become a successful SEO Specialist, first you need to know, What is SEO and Why It is important? There are many others who are interested in knowing SEO Specialist Salary or What are the Skills Required to become SEO Specialistor the best SEO Specialist. We will answer to all these questions in this single post.

What is SEO ?

SEO is a set of website search engine optimization measures that increase the visibility of a website in search engine results and drive traffic to it. Experts closely monitor search engines such as Google, Bing or others. They examine what Google invented, an algorithm and how it needed to rebuild its processes.

SEO is constantly evolving. Search engines help websites get traffic for free, so there are a lot of bad guys trying to trick search engines.

Google often complicates the life of SEOs, inventing new algorithms, improving ranking factors, and chips that improve the internet itself. Google’s pink dream is to make the internet clean: great resources, useful pages, all content from experts, stunning multimedia, great images, videos created by everyone and not copied from else where.

SEO stands on three pillars:

  • Technical optimization;
  • Thematic component;
  • External optimization (development of references).

The purpose of SEO optimization

  1. Make your website easy for search engines to understand.
  2. Craft website pages that are relevant to specific search queries.
  3. Make it faster and easier for people to find the information they need on the website, making the website the first stop for users when they have problems.

To achieve these goals, SEO experts appears.

Target Goal of a SEO Specialist

Update the website and get the trust of the search engine bots

This helps the target audience find the product, service or content in it and perform the target action (purchase, order, subscribe and become a regular customer, subscriber, reader).

SEO experts optimize websites for search engine queries to get the most relevant traffic. SEO specialists improve the quality of websites and monitor how well resources are promoted in search. It attracts a target audience that other professionals can work with.

Responsibilities of a SEO Specialist

Every day a SEO Specialist performs many different tasks, some of these tasks includes

1. Technical Audit of the Website

With the help of a technical audit, errors and flaws on a website that prevent it from taking a high position can be identified. Various services support the work of specialists. Read this article to learn more about SEO audits.

2. Semantic Core

The expert compiles a structured list of keywords that correspond to specific search queries. This aids in the formation of the site’s correct structure and the filling of the pages with relevant content.

3. Analysis of competitors

SEO Specialist constantly monitors competitors. If you do not analyze competitors, then the promotion of the site can go blindly. SEO specialists use competitive analysis services to avoid wasting their valuable time. The analysis aids in the development of successful promotion strategies for your project.

4. Technical task for copywriters

An SEO specialist’s responsibilities include creating a technical task for writing texts that will appeal to both search engines and visitors. Interesting and technically optimized content will help the site rank high in search results.

5. Link Building

One aspect of SEO site optimization is referral promotion. To successfully use various methods of link building, an SEO expert must comply to search engine algorithms.

Knowledge and Skills Necessary for a SEO Specialist

A modern SEO specialist should know:

  • How search engines works;
  • Principles of Internet marketing;
  • How internet advertising works;
  • Copywriting rules;
  • Basics of usability.

A SEO specialist must be able to:

  • Analyze competitors;
  • Compose the semantic core of the site;
  • Do internal optimization of the site;
  • Write meta tags (Title, Description);
  • Understand the operation of various tools ( Google Page Speed , Google Keyword Planner  , etc.); work with Google Analytics Service;
  • Increase the number of links;
  • Develop a site development strategy and much more.

Soft Skills

A good SEO Expert should be alert, knowledgeable, and stress-resistant.

A specialist cannot work without communication skills because it is necessary to express one’s ideas to copywriters, programmers, typesetters, designers, and managers.

SEO Professional constantly monitors site traffic and other indicators, as well as competitors. Analytical thinking and a good memory aid in data analysis and drawing correct conclusions.

How Much Does a SEO Specialist Earn?

Experts on GlassDoor shared statistics that inform about the average salary in USA, Google itself is paying $100,811/yr to SEO Specialist. There are about 919 open jobs on Google LLC.

As per GlassDoor, there are currently 1100 SEO specialist job openings. There are also 120 openings for SEO optimizers, 123 for SEO assistants, and 120 for SEO copywriters.

The salary is not specified in 50% of the cases. This suggests that SEO is a complex field, and determining the expertise of specialists is difficult. Conducting interviews and communicating with the person are required to assess the SEO Specialist’s competence. After that, it will be clear whether a person has the information, and whether he confirms the level of expertise he claims.

GlassDoor SEO Specialist Salaray
Source: – SEO Specialist Salary Range

The figures for Western projects are significantly higher. As a result, employees who are fluent in English language are highly valued in the market.

How to Become a SEO Specialist ?

There is a huge amount of material available on the internet about learning SEO and becoming SEO Specialist. You may study by yourself and take a full course on online teaching websites, for example on Udemy or on SkillShare.

You must master these 7 Steps, if you are new to the filed to become SEO Expert

  1. Learn the basics of Search Engine Working
  2. Learn about SEO strategies and concepts.
  3. Take an active part in SEO trainings
  4. Stay up to date on industry trends and news
  5. Learn about SEO tools.
  6. Experiment with SEO tactics on your website
  7. Demonstrate your efforts and results to potential employers

15 Topics to Cover to Become a SEO Specialist

Topic 1. Building a strategy for SEO and niche analysis
Topic 2. Principles of search engine operation. Ranking factors
Topic 3. Search engine filters and algorithms. Google Search Console
Topic 4. Compilation of the semantic core and search queries
Topic 5. Working with semantics
Topic 6. Technical SEO-optimization of the site
7. Internal optimization of the site. Meta tags
Topic 8. Internal site optimization
Topic 9. Site content optimization
Topic 10. Content strategy formation
Topic 11. External site optimization
Topic 12. Link building
Topic 13. Comprehensive site audit
Topic 14. Tips and Tricks of SEO
Topic 15. How to find Freelance work as a SEO Expert

Where can a SEO Specialist Find a Job?

A SEO Expert can find job in two ways

  1. Remote Freelance Job
  2. Office Job as a SEO Specialist

Remote work allows you to perform duties without being physically tied to your employer.

There are numerous freelance marketplaces where you can find a project and work on your own time, setting your own rates for services:


Working on the staff solves the employment and project selection issues. The SEO specialist is already working on the tasks that have been assigned to him. Companies also provide access to paid services.

Another work format option is to start your own business. A specialist must have an excellent portfolio, which cannot be built without practice. You can work on projects alone or as part of a team.

Useful SEO Specialist Tools

SEO Experts use different tools in their daily work. Following the links, you will find the main services that are difficult to do without.

Services for site parsing:

Website Audit Report Tools

Download speed testing services:

Services for collecting the semantic core:

Services for checking content:

Certificate verification services:

Link exchanges:

If you have anything to share about the SEO Specialist, add in the comments section.

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