E-commerce Store Website Optimization

The client was facing problem with the speed of the website as it was taking some time to load the website. As you know the website speed play a lot of roles in customer acquisition and slow website loose sale.

We did the website speed optimization of the said website without loosing the any functionality of the website. It is a Magento based website.

We made a lot of improvements, including improving the performance of the site, by minifing CSS, HTML, optimizing the order of styles and script, Leverage browser caching, avoiding bad requests, optimizing images, enabling gzip compressions, etc. Achieved the page speed of A grade (92%) successfully.


1. The Website

2. The GTmetrix 92% Score with A Grade

Note: The website Name is removed as per client request.

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Website Optimization

The website speed optimization goal was achieved successfully within a short period of time.