Rate My Professor Clone Script Complete

Rate My Professor Clone Script – Complete Website

We have developed RateMeProfessor clone of popular ratemyprofessor website, that have many features like the original website. Adding new professors, leaving feedback/comments, rating professors and searching are users interactions. Auto calculating professors rating, reporting comments, browsing, Ad support are some of the features of the application. This clone comes with back-end admin panel to easily manage over all activity of website.
Rate My Professor Clone Script Complete
Rate My Professor Clone Script Complete

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RateMeProfessors Application Awesome Features

  • Add New Professors
  • Search Professors by Name
  • Rate Professors with Comments
  • Report Bad Comments
  • Google Adwords Support
  • Auto Calculate Professors Rating
  • Open Source, Re-useable, Clean Code
  • Installation, Configuration Guides
  • Free Support upto 2 Months

Admin Panel

  • Secure Admin Panel
  • Manage Professors Profiles
  • Manage Comments and Ratings

Rate My Professor Clone Script Demo

Demo URL 1:
Demo URL 2:
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Isn’t this Illegal?
This application is 100% coded by our programmers. We use the word ‘clone’  to say It is like that website, nothing else, that is how industry call it.
The only thing companies can patent is methodology for achieving an action or leading to an end point. If you can figure out another way to do that, without infringing on other’s IP, you totally can do it and form your own IP. We could, so we did.  Any Entrepreneur can get a licence to our IP, by purchasing our scripts, simple as that.