14 Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Fresh Look

Your website is beautiful and attractive but if it is not attracting visitors and converting well, you might want to figure out why? We found the following 14 reasons, why mostly websites are not attracting visitors and not converting well or not converting at all.

The simplest reason your website, whether years old or brand-new, needs a fresh look is to stay in the game. With web design and development becoming increasingly competitive, nobody wants plain, dull looking websites any more. Users are now attracted to amazing graphics, advanced UI, and super-smooth navigability.

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If you feel like your website isn’t attracting enough visitors (or prospects) on the web, below are 14 reasons why you should transform it by giving it a new fresh look

  1. Increased Indexing

Search Engines are constantly trying to find sites that have been recently updated. Such sites are indexed more often, thus increasing your chances of ranking higher in Search Engines.

  1. Your Site Takes Longer Than 2 Seconds to Load

With users’ attention spans rapidly decreasing with each passing day, don’t expect to hang around waiting longer than 2 seconds for your site to load. Identify what’s causing delayed load time and upgrade your website accordingly.

  1. Upgrade to The New

Website development and designing technology is rapidly evolving so if you’re still using old versions of software, frameworks and packages, it is time to upgrade. Sometime small changes to UX design or software make a huge difference to the look and accessibility of your website.

  1. High Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate indicates that your website is not very user friendly and has less responsiveness. If you have a cluttered or confusing website layout, you can be sure that your website needs a redesign.

  1. Low Traffic

When the design and content on your website becomes stale, web traffic will slowly dwindle to obscurity because web users are attracted to fresh websites. Analyse your Google Analytics data to determine how your web traffic reduced and what you can do to improve it.

  1. The Beauty of A Well-Designed Website

There are special web design tools that you can use to make your website look professional and well-structured. Use high-quality graphics, colours, and styles to make it look brand new, and appealing to website visitors.

  1. Mobile Compatibility

More than 60% of internet access is occurring on mobile devices. If you have an old fashion website that’s not mobile compatible, its time you cater to the massively growing mobile market. A website that’s not mobile compatible just cannot survive in the present times.

  1. SEO Optimization

Google’s search engine ranking algorithm is constantly updated. Your website needs to be updated regularly to keep up with these changing trends. Improving page speed along with content is crucial for keeping your website SEO optimised.

Google’s search engine ranking algorithm is constantly updated. Your website needs to be updated regularly to keep up with these changing trends.

  1. Security

Get the latest security patches and bug fixes for your website to protect it from the growing number of hackers on the web. Old versions of CMS and other web software are a golden opportunity for hackers to make their way into a site.

  1. It’s Been Too Long

Most websites that gain steady traffic stick to their original design with the fear that any change may lead to loss of visitors. But a brand-new redesign of your website may usher even more traffic than usual, especially if you have loyal visitors.

  1. Difficulty Managing Content

If you find it hard to add fresh content to your website, chances are that your website is poorly organized and has a bad design. Its time you gave it a fresh new look to manage and neatly organize content.

  1. Your Website Use Flash

Flash is outdated from more than 5 years and is no longer supported by Search Engines or mobile devices. Change your website from Flash to HTML5 to give it a fresh look as well as to use animated features.

  1. You Don’t Get the Results You Expect

The best-looking websites don’t yield expected results in terms of outreach or conversions. Give it a fresh new look by changing content, design, and calls to action to get your desired results.

  1. Trends

Every day new trends in website design arrive. Ensure your website does not stagnate by keeping up with these trends. Adopting new trends will keep your visitors engaged and attract new users. If you didn’t read our post about New Trends in Web Design. Now is the time to read.

Fix all of these and see the dramatic effect on your website traffic and conversion.

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