How to Reap Instant Profit From Your Web Site?

Let’s face it, a lot of money gets spent on websites. I am sure if you have a website, or are thinking about making one, you too are looking to hire professionals to design a beautiful and professional site.

However, if you leave out this one important thing you are wasting money!

There is one thing that every website must have. If it doesn’t have it, the site is or will become a money pit. Might as well start flushing $100 bills down the toilet, because at least you’ll get the full visual experience of your cash swirling around the drain and finally being washed away into vast nothingness.

I am amazed at how many sites out there don’t have this one thing that could change their money sucking sites into productive and profitable sites. Actually, when someone asks us to build a site for them and they leave this out I suggest it immediately; however, you would be amazed at how much resistance there is to this.

Some people either flat out reject this, or they come up with excuses as to why they can’t do it or why it won’t work for their site. Well, we have been in the web business for over 10 years and have seen a lot of sites. I can assure you, everyone can implement this and have success with it.

EVERYONE! So what is this secret? What is this thing that can turn my cash draining site into something worthwhile?

It’s not really a secret at all. In fact, most of you out there will say duh, that’s common sense! And I would agree. It IS! But a quick look around and you will see that a huge number, the majority really (especially with small / med business site), are not doing this.

All they have to do is: Offer something for sale!

Yeah, I know. Duh, that’s common sense. So quickly, take a look at your site. Do you have something for sale? I don’t mean implied for sale or an implied service or something that you can offer in the future after a brief talk or appointment with a sale rep. I mean FOR SALE! Now!

That last bit is really the kicker that gets most people and businesses. Most people will talk about their services and products. Talk about their company. Talk about how wonderful they make customers lives after they start servicing them. But right now, at this very minute, they have nothing I can click on and buy immediately at this visit using the internet exclusively to pitch, offer, and close the sale and collect the check.

Online Brochures are 10 years behind the times. They were behind the times 10 years ago! The internet and web are such a powerful medium, it is downright foolish not to use it. That’s why building a website and not offering something for immediate sale is a waste of money.If you are going to spend the money to build a site, do it right and at least leverage some type of electronic commerce with it. It’s not as expensive as you think! In Fact, It’s More Expansive and Will Cost You more money in the long run if you don’t do it immediately.

It’s More Expansive and Will Cost You More Money in the Long Run If you Don’t Do This Immediately!

First off, I want to address those entire nay Sayers who tell me that they have nothing to sell immediately online, or that their service doesn’t fit that sales model, or that their products can’t be sold that way without a sales representative’s interaction. All of that is just B.S. and is just plain entrepreneurial laziness. If you are in business then you have something you can sell immediately, I guarantee it.

Now you might have to do a little bit of brain work and critical thinking, but I’m willing to bet if you spent 1 hour a day for a week you could come up with 10 different ideas that you could implement. Not 1, but 10! Most people don’t stop to think. They just look at what they have and what they have always been doing. The internet is a powerful new platform that people are using to make billions every year.

Billions! Not Millions & Billions! (Apple Computer Anyone? Google? Microsoft? Yep, they all have it!)

If that doesn’t grab your attention and make you want to think, well, you probably should just stop reading and go back to your normal business routines. Almost anyone who owns or runs a company can write a 50-100 page book that covers introductory questions about their industry.

Using your company FAQ is a good place to start. Take 10 minutes a day, only ten. Write as much as you can in those 10 minutes and in 3-4 weeks you will have a great introductory book.

Does it need to answer all questions? Of Course Not! In fact, it’s better if it doesn’t because that’s precisely why you have an advanced sales team to help them with further questions. Sell this as an e-book for $10-20 dollars.

Start Your Own Part Time Online Business With Small Investment – Make Constant Monthly Income!

Now you can educate your future clients, stop wasting your time and sales rep’s time with rudimentary questions, get only highly qualified leads from return calls, AND make money through sales of your introductory book. This is only one example that will fit almost any business.

But you can literally come up with an unlimited number of ways to sell information and help like this to non-customers. Anyone can do this and to be honest, most web developers love to add this functionality to their client’s site. I know web developers that love to brag about how much their client x and y are making off sites they built for them.

So do not be afraid to ask. Usually, it will only cost a small fee to implement some basic selling options. Most people can get started using Paypal and maybe a couple hundred dollars extra in web design costs to add an e-Book or something similar.

Quit wasting money on your website! Start making it productive now!

If you need help or assistance with your web design or development, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


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